IT & Security

Every modern business relies on Technology. We help you by making that integration smooth and reliable. We use enterprise level equipment for reliable and stabil operation. 

We are industry certified with years of hands on experience.

Ubiquity UniFi Enterprise Network & Wifi Solution

  • Enterprise Level Network Infrastructure

  • Bandwidth Wifi Management 

  • Guest Portal

  • 4 Wifi SSID per AP

  • User Profiles 

  • Virtual Lan (Lan)

  • Multi Internet Provider support with load balancing

HikVision Security Solutions

  • Flexible Security solution with Enterprise features

  • Facial recognition 

  • AI with Machine-learning  

  • People Counting & Heat maps

  • Up to 8k IP Cameras

  • Color Night Vision

  • Ultra Low Light Cameras

  • Access control solutions

  • Remote Access

FreeNas & Synology Network Storage and Server Solutions

  • Scalable Data Storage

  • Multi Raid Support with Parity

  • Virtualisation and Docker support 

  • Automated Backup of computers on the network

  • Content Delivery System

  • Create your own Cloud 

  • Deep integration with online services