Home Cinema Solutions

State of the Art Home Cinema experiences are our passion.

From living room home cinemas to dedicated home cinemas in basements or garden studios, whatever the space, tell us the experience you want and we will custom design and install a custom build system just for you.

  • Various Add-ons to stream online content

  • A selection of beautiful user interfaces

  • Automatically downloads cover art and media information of your content

  • IPTV integration

  • Airplay and Upnp support

  • Videogame integration

  • 4k Ultra HD Resolution

  • DTS-HD & True HD surround sound

  • DTS-X & Atmos object-based surround sound

  • Multi Room Video & Audio

  • Plays all video and audio formats

  • Control your system with your smart device

  • Access your content library on every device within your home





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